Year 6 Topic Homework

Week 5

Design and Technology

Your challenge this week is to design and create a way of transporting tomatoes without them being squashed!

Click the link to read your design brief.

D.T. – Squashed Tomato Challenge

Take a photo of your creation and share it with your teachers using your OneNote Topic Page if you can.


Think about how our lives have temporarily changed over the last few week and compare to how things used to be. Complete the table below and upload it to your OneNote page if you can.

PSHE – Then and Now


This week, we’re looking at Sinking and Floating. You’ll be testing out a range of objects you should be able to find around your home and investigating which float, which sink and why. You might want to do this activity outdoors as it involves water or you could do it in the sink or bath.

Science – sinking and floating