Year 6 Topic Home Learning

Week 13


This week we are looking at Anne Frank. We have had the opportunity to look around her house, and also do some comprehension work on this important person. Now we are going to create a biography. Pull together all you have found out and use the skills you used for your Winston Churchill biography. 

If you missed the link on Class Dojo for the tour of The Anne Frank Museum we have included it again here, together with the reading comprehension text about her. 

Anne Frank

You can also read all of Anne Frank’s Diary for free by clicking on the link below for the e-book. (You will have to zoom in to read the text clearly!) 

Code Cracking: 

Below are some worksheets that introduce you to Morse code. This was a type of code used during WW2 to send messages quickly and efficiently to ships, submarines, soldiers and others. learn what Morse code is and have a go at deciphering some messages. Maybe you could make up some of your own. 

Morse Code


You could also take a look at the Bletchley Park website to find out more about Code Cracking. Bletchley Park was once the top-secret home of the World War Two codebreakers.