Year 6 Topic Home Learning

Week 11


This week we would like you to watch the second episode of Blitz Street which you can access by clicking the link below. 


We will also be learning about evacuation. Look through the PowerPoint and answer the questions about the suitcase. Then look at the thinking hats questions on the PowerPoint and complete the sheet. Both of these activities will help you to write the evacuee letter writing task which is part of your English homework.

Lesson Presentation Evacuation


Thinking Hats

You can also watch this video:  


Look through the PowerPoint and read the information sheet to learn about rationing during WW2. Think about the food that you eat now then create a menu for the week from the foods that were available during rationing. 

Click here to view the PowerPoint: 

Information Sheet Rationing 

Menu Comparison

My Wartime Weekly Meal Plan 

There is also a video to watch: 

If you’d like to do more work on rationing, read the text below and answer the reading comprehension questions. 

Activity Sheet Rationing Comprehension Questions

Answer Sheet Rationing Comprehension

Design and Technology 

Create your own gas mask box. 



This term we will be revising some of the main concepts in science that you have learned in key stage two. Our Science topic is ‘The Science of Sport’. This week we will be looking at the best type of grasses to use for sport pitches. 

Using the information below, can you choose the best grasses for a pitch and explain your thinking? 

Tantalising Turf


<<Tantalising Turf.docx>>