Year 6 Maths

Week 11

This week we are revising multiplication and division methods then using these skills to solve one, two and multi-step problems. There are a lot of different challenge levels to choose from, pick the level that you feel most comfortable with or push yourself to try some more tricky problems. 

As always, we would love for you to upload photos of your work to your Class Dojo portfolio. 

We have also added daily maths into separate pages for each maths set.  Click the button above for your maths’ set.


 Lesson Presentation



Extra Practice: 

Multiply decimals by integers

Answers – Multiply decimals by integers


Multiplication word problems

One Step Multiplication Word Problems

Two Step Multiplication Word Problems

Two Step Multiplication Word Problems 2

Two Step Multiplication Word Problems 3

Multi-Step Multiplication Word Problems


Lesson Presentation – Short Division

Questions – Short Division

Answers – Short Division

Extra Practice

Divide decimals by integers

Answers – Divide decimals by integers


Division Word Problems

One step with no remainders division problems

One-step with remainders division problems

Two-step division problems

Multi-step division problems.doc


multiplication and division word problems

If you would like even more of a challenge and solve problems involving all four operations, click on the links below: