Year 6 English

Week 5


WALT: re-write a scene


We are going to start by collecting together all the Fairy Tales that we know. You may need to use the internet to help you with this. Write down all the Fairy Tales you have found.

Next, we want you to try and think of any similarities between the stories. It may be that the setting is the same or the baddie. Set it out like this:


Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty – both have Princes that rescue the girl.

Snow White and Red Riding Hood – both set in the woods.


Now that we have had a look at some of the themes that connect these types of story, we are now going to look at the characteristics and language in more detail. If you follow the link below, you will come to versions of well-known Fairy Stories – in addition, you might want to use YouTube or maybe you have books at home with these stories in.

These stories are simple – but will enable you to look at what makes a Fairy Story.

What we would like you to do is write down, what it is that makes a story a ‘fairy story’. Look at the words used, the way it is written, the characters (using your knowledge from yesterday).

The idea is that you are creating a list of things a Fairy Story MUST include – this will be your success criteria.


Today, we start to write! I would like to you to pick either of these 2 Fairy Stories: The Three Little Pigs or Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

Make sure you are familiar with these stories so you can make an informed choice.

We are going to change up these stories a little!

If you chose The Three Little Pigs: Introduce a new character to the story – who enters after the wolf has destroyed the second piggy’s house. You can pick a character from another Fairy story, or you can invent your own. Start your story there – and re-write a new ending. Will the wolf still be beaten – or will he win in the end?

If you chose Goldilocks: Start your story change from when the Bears come home – change Goldilocks so that she is actually a witch (whether she is a good or a bad witch is your choice) – and write a new ending – will it end well for the Bears, or not?

You do not need to write the full story today – remember how we work in class: get some ideas down on paper, think about using the story mountain to help you structure your work, use your learning from Monday and Tuesday – character, setting, language.


Continue with your story today.

Don’t forget to use your success criteria that you developed on Tuesday. If you haven’t followed the Fairy Tale rules, then make the necessary changes.

You can use speech too – what do you think the Wolf might say to the new character? How does Goldilocks talk to the Three Bears?


Final day of writing – get that story ending done.

Any polishing can be done now – use a dictionary, use a thesaurus (you can access good ones online), check your punctuation. And finally, check your success criteria.

If you can type this on your pagethis to your page on the OneNote then please do – we would love to read them.