Year 6 English Homework

Week 3


This week’s reading homework will not need printing. Children can read the relevant extract online and then click on the corresponding link which will take them to an online quiz.

Lexia Reading Group Text

Quiz for Lexia Group

Miss Sheen’s Reading Group Text

Quiz for Miss Sheens Group

Class Reading Group Text

Quiz for Class Reading Groups


For this week’s homework you will need to watch The Tiny Crusader Video

  • Write the back story for Ulric the Blacksmith

Think about what may have lead him to this point? What has happened to him that makes him behave like he does?

Write the story in the 1st person. 

Write the story imagining you are one of the characters. How do you feel? What are you thinking?

  • Write in the style of a fairy tale. 

Think about the kind of language that is used in Fairy Tales. Remember the common openings and endings for Fairy Tales. Maybe you can research some Fairy Tales like The 3 Little Pigs, Cinderella or Red Riding Hood and use what you find here in your story.