Year 6 English Home Learning

Week 13


This week for English we are going to be continuing with the writing on the Indiana Jones clip. We have heard that lots of you have been enjoying doing this writing, which is great news as it’s one of our favourites too! We have popped below a suggestion of how you can structure your week: 


Review what you have written. This is a really important stage of the writing process. Today you need to carefully edit what you have. Are there any bits you really like? How does it flow – do you need to move some sentences around? What about trying to use some of the skills you developed last week using ISPACE? 

Tuesday and Wednesday: 

Over the next 2 days, you are going to work on the part where Indiana takes the golden statue. First, we want you to think of all the words you can use to describe the statue – add this to your word bank. Maybe this is the time to use some of the other words you have been collecting. 

Now start to write down what Indiana is doing – this is the tricky part because it’s full of drama, and as a watcher you feel quite tense and nervous over what might happen. How can you get this to reflect in your writing? 


Today you are focusing on the part where Indiana is trapped on the wrong side of the deep chasm. Again, this about creating tension – how does Indiana feel? What is he thinking? Don’t forget to emphasise how deep the drop is….it’s pretty scary so make the reader feel that too. 


Today is the final day – this your chance to finish the write up, the editing, those final scenes you haven’t quite completed yet.  


You did it – an extended piece of writing. Well done. 

Maybe you could share it with your family – did they get a bit nervous? Don’t forget to share this with us online at Class Dojo. 


Next week our writing focus will be upon fantasy and fairy tales, so to get you in the mood we’ve given you a reading comprehension from an extract of ‘Alice in Wonderland’ by Lewis Carroll. 

The PDF below contains three levels of challenge. The text and questions become trickier as you progress further through the document. The answers are also included. 

Alice in Wonderland Reading Comprehension

Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar


Click the link for this week’s spellings which are ‘ou’ words. 

You could also try out the Bitesize Primary spelling quiz for KS2 Have a go and see if you can get a top score! 



Find out how to use semicolons by watching the video. Don’t forget to take the quiz at the end so that you can show off your knowledge!,’ 


We thought you may be missing our usual early morning work, so to make you feel more like you are still at school we’ve made a PowerPoint that covers several aspects of grammar. There is one slide for each day of the week (and the answers too!) 

Early Morning Work