Year 6 English Home Learning

Week 11


We are continuing to read ‘Code-Cracking for beginners’ which you can access as an e-book by following this link: 

First Task 

We’d like you to re-read chapter one and also read chapters two and three. Once you have read the first three chapters, write a diary entry for that day as if you are Sam. 

Remember to: 

  • Write in the first person 
  • Use the past tense 
  • Write your diary using informal language and in character as Sam 
  • Include the main events of the day and include your thoughts and feelings about the events. 

There is an example of a diary entry below as a WAGOLL. This example is taken from your reading comprehension text for this week. 

Diary Example

Second Task 

Read chapters four, five and six where Sam and Lily become evacuees. Then create an ‘Inside Out’ for Sam to show the events on his journey to Scarborough and how he is feeling. Remember to write down what is happening to Sam outside of the gingerbread man and Sam’s feelings inside of the gingerbread man. There is a template to use if you would like to print it off or you could draw your own shape to record your writing. 

Inside Out Template

Read chapter seven then add these details to your ‘Inside Out’. If you have a different colour pen it may be useful to use this so that you can see the difference in Sam’s feelings after being at his new home for a few days. 

Third Task 

Using the information you have recorded on your ‘Inside Out’ task, imagine that you are Sam and write a letter home to mum, telling her about everything that has happened to you since you left London. 

  • Write in the first person 
  • Use informal language 

Here are some templates that you could copy to help you write your letter. 

Activity Sheet Evacuee Letter

Forth Task 

Read Chapters eight and nine. Sam and Lily go to the local shop and use their ration books to buy food. They learn about growing their own food from the shopkeeper and hear the term ‘Dig for Victory’ for the first time. 

We would like you to research ‘Dig for Victory’ and create your own ‘Dig for Victory’ poster. 

This website provides more information and shows many examples of the posters: 

Follow this link to see photographs of WW2 gardens and allotments: 

We would love to see your work added to your Class Dojo portfolios 


Our reading comprehension for this week is about evacuees, which ties in with our WW2 topic. 

The text is taken from an evacuee’s diary which may help you with one of this week’s writing task. 

There are 3 levels of challenge to choose from; pick the level that you feel more comfortable with.  

You do not need to print anything. You can read the text and the questions on your screen and write the answers on a piece of paper. 


Tricky Text

Tricky Questions

Tricky Answers

More Challenging

Trickier Text

Trickier Questions

Trickier Answers

Most Difficult

Trickiest Text

Trickiest Questions

Trickiest Answers

Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar

Practise these spellings from the Year 6 word list: 

There are a huge variety of grammar videos on Youtube on a channel called ‘Grammarsaurus does SATs’. 

This week we’d like you to revise co-ordinating conjunctions and make a poster showing what you have learned. We would love to see your posters on your Class Dojo portfolio. 

Click the link to watch the video: 

Grammarsaurus does SATs – Co-ordinating conjunctions