Year 5 Topic Homework

Week 4


Who among you are the next David Attenborough!  Can you write a script and create a wildlife video comparing the life cycles of animals and plants?  If you are not sure about creating a life cycle video from scratch, then have no fear turn the sound down on the videos provided and give a ‘voice over’ performance to your adults.  EBI- you can record your efforts and upload them onto One Note.


  • Include the major life stages of animals or plants (for example the fertilisation/ germination phase, the growth phase etc).
  • Think about how plants and animals’ life cycles different/ the same (remember to use the comparative language we learnt from your Tudor Crime and Punishment work) 


  • You can include how the different life cycles cross over and interlink with each other. Is the length of all life cycles the same?

Youtube video – life cycle of a ladybird

Youtube video – life cycle of a pumpkin

Comparing Life Cycles PowerPoint

Comparative Language Word Mat