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This week we are going to have a go at some creative writing using a new website resource.  

There are lots of questions to consider and think about.  

There are “sick” sentences that could use to start with and then improve them.  

There are also some different story starters which could inspire you to write a short story.  

It would be great to see what writing you were able to do based on this.  


This week’s reading home learning is based on To be a Cat by Matt Haig.  

There are some different activities to respond to the extracts and it would be great to see some of your responses. 


This week, We’d like you to learn about Expanded Noun Phrases. 

These are phrases that are used all the time in our writing to describe things in more detail.  

For example:  Mine is the large mug with a unicorn. 

There are some quizzes to do online and then some other writing activities that you could have a go at.