Year 5 English Homework

Week 5


Your task is to write two contrasting descriptive paragraphs of the photographs below.

One forest is dark and quite frightening – try to make the reader feel scared and intimidated by this setting. 

The other is much brighter and inviting – try to make the reader wish they were there.  

Success Criteria: 

  • Use appropriate adjectives and adverbs. 
  • Use different sentence structures. 
  • Use relative pronouns and clauses: which, that etc. 


Go through the spelling PowerPoint about adverbials of place and try to practice them each day.  

To enter answers into the PowerPoint, click “Slide Show” from the tool bar at the top and choose “From beginning”.

Adverbs of Place


Have a go at this BBC bitesize lesson and let us know if you enjoyed it and would like us to link more lessons like this.  


Click on the link and have a go at this BBC Bitesize Lesson all about the use of brackets.