Year 5 English

Week 9



Fronted adverbials 

Earlier in the year we learned about using adverbials in our writing. The lesson above is a good reminder of those skills. Don’t forget that adverbials can actually be used anywhere in a sentence and don’t have to be “fronted” in a sentence. 


For additional writing, watch the video ‘Zahra’. Discuss what the story is about and how we know Zahra is from a different country. You can download the video here or watch it at (you will need to scroll down to the fifth video on the page. 

Can you rewrite Zahra’s story? 

Use the story of Zahra to create an advert to support WaterAid. You can find more information by clicking this link: 

The Lost World 

This text is an extract from a book called ‘The Lost World’ by Arthur Conan Doyle (the author of the Sherlock Holmes novels). 

Click the link to read the text and answer the questions that are underneath. You do not need to print this document, just answer the questions on a piece of paper. 

The Lost World 


Subordinating Clauses 

The lesson above shows how subordinate clauses are used in your writing. You use them all the time but might not realise it!