Year 5 English

Week 7


The Mirror in the Attic 

This week our creative writing task is based on this link. 

We’d like to see if you can complete the tasks below and post your work onto ClassDojo. You can either take a photo of your work and upload it, or you can just type some of your work into your portfolio. We look forward to seeing your ideas. 

Sentence challenge! 

Can you make a list of adjectives to describe the mirror? 

Can you choose two of your adjectives and write a sentence about what Anna is doing? 

E.g. Anna touched the ____,____ mirror with her finger. 

Once you’ve done that, can you think of other ways to improve your sentence? 

Sick sentences! 

These sentences are ‘sick’ and need your help to get better. Can you help? 

Anna sat down. Anna touched the mirror. The glass moved. 

Writing time! 

You can either use the story starter to start writing a short story about what happens next, or you can come up with your own start and then continue.  


‘Tell me no lies’ by Malorie Blackman. 

This lesson is designed to help you make inferences about a character. You will be able to explain what impression you have about the character. 

Again, you have 3 different activities to have a go at and you can post your responses on ClassDojo for us to have a look at.  


Alliteration and onomatopoeia 

We’ve chosen the lesson above because it’s a fun reminder of how alliteration and onomatopoeia work. These can be especially useful in poetry and descriptive writing.  

There are some interactive quizzes to check your understanding after watching the videos and then some activities to have a go yourself.  

Post your alliteration and onomatopoeia sentences to ClassDojo for us to have a look at!