Year 5 English Home Learning

Week 13


Instruction Writing

First, watch this clip about writing recipes, this will help you with the following activities. 

After that, read this Planet Friendly Ice Lolly Recipe . What features of instructions can your child identify? Can you follow this recipe and make the lollies? 

Next, draw and label a healthy dinner for your family. If you can, ask an adult if you can make it. 

Don’t forget to upload any pictures on ClassDojo. 

Finally, write a recipe for your favourite healthy meal with useful instructions for someone else to follow. 



Read this text about healthy eating. There are some questions for you to answer when you have finished and there are also answers for you to mark your work. 

Healthy Eating

Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar


Practise spelling rule 48 (Year 5 and 6) on Spelling Frame . What is a homophone? Write down a list of homophones.