Year 5 English Home Learning

Week 12


Practising inverted commas – The Great Kapok Tree 

Click on the link below. This is a video of a story called “The Great Kapok Tree” and it is set in a Rainforest. 

The Great Kapok Tree by Lynne Cherry 

Can you make your own page for the middle of the book? 

You can choose your own rainforest animal and use the same style as the book. Think about how they move down the tree (slithered, flew), what they say to Senhor (use inverted commas) and how they say it (e.g. whispered, growled). Think carefully about the reason that your animal gives to persuade Senhor to not cut down the tree. 

Here is a template for you to type into or to print, if you have a printer. Otherwise, you can write this on some lined paper and decorate the page, just like the book. 

The Great Kapok Tree

Poster – deforestation 

Click on the link below. This will give you some more information about deforestation. 

Can you design a poster to stop deforestation?  

You need to include eye catching picturesfacts about deforestation, why it should be stopped and alternatives to permanently destroying rainforests. Use the clip above to help you, think about the animals’ perspectives in the “The Great Kapok Tree” and the information in the reading activity. 

Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar

Inverted Commas 

Click on the link below and watch the clip about inverted commas. Try the quiz at the end to practise. 


Can you create a Rainforest glossary? This is a list of words that are relevant to the Rainforest with an explanation of their meaning. 

Here are some words to begin: canopy, monsoon, colony, extinct & deforestation. 

Can you add any more? 


Rainforest Deforestation 

Your reading this week is about deforestation. Deforestation is the removal of trees to make room for something else. This is devastating for our planet and reading this text will explain why and will help you with your writing activities. 

Click on the file below to read the text, then click on the second file to answer the questions.