Year 4 Writing Homework

Week 3

Comic strips: the story of Osiris and Seth

Last week we looked at creating a comic strip for Ancient Egyptian myths.  This week we are focusing on using those skills to create a final comic based on the story ‘Osiris and Seth’.  To help you use your new-found skills there are some pointers for each day to check you are on track!

Remember    A comic strip is a sequence of drawings with captions and speech bubbles that tells a story.


Research online (or look in books you might have at home) for different examples of comic strips. Note down the features you can see in each example. Why are these features important? How do they help to tell the story? Note down your ideas (e.g.: It is important for a comic strip to have ____ because ____).


Listen to the story of Osiris and Seth ( – watch up to 2:20). Who are the main characters? What are the main events? Decide on six key events for your comic strip and note them down in order, using bullet points.


Watch the story of Osiris and Seth once again. How can we add more detail to the main events we wrote down yesterday? Each box on our comic strip will need a short paragraph adding detail to what we see in the picture, so let’s work on those today.

e.g.: Seth was jealous of Osiris might change to…

Long ago, in a dry and dusty land, lived two extraordinary brothers. They were gods, ruling over the earth and skies, their names were Osiris and Seth. For as long as he could remember, Seth had been jealous of his lucky older brother. Osiris had a clever and brilliant wife and his father always seemed to give him the best jobs. Seth had had enough. He needed a plan.

Now it’s your turn – try this for each of the bullet points you’ve written!


Let’s think about speech bubbles – what will our characters say at each stage of the story? For each of the main events you chose yesterday, write down who is in each scene, and what they would be saying.

For example:

Seth: It’s not fair that Osiris is always treated better than me! If only there was a way for me to stop him…

Osiris: What’s that, brother?

Seth: Nothing, my lord…


It’s time to create your comic strip! Using one of the templates we’ve provided or drawing one of your own, transfer your ideas into the comic strip. Your captions should go in the smaller boxes (which can either be just above or just below the picture) and your pictures will go in the larger boxes – don’t forget your speech bubbles too!

Good luck!