Year 4 Topic Homework

Week 4

Design and Technology

WALT: prepare and cook a savoury dish safely and hygienically

At school, the children would have been learning about the Egyptian diet, of which bread was a large part. We would have had a go at each making a bread loaf safely and hygienically.

Hygiene means keeping our bodies and food clean to prevent the build up of bacteria.

At home (WITH ADULT SUPERVISION) we would like you to have a go at helping cook a meal.

While you are helping, try to notice:

  • Could anything you’re doing be dangerous?
  • What do you/your parents do to keep safe?
  • How do you keep yourselves and the meal hygienic?

You might want to take some notes as you do it.

Challenge 1: Draw a picture of the meal you made, labelling the different ingredients you used. Underneath, write about how your meal tasted – did you enjoy it? Give it a rating out of five!

Challenge 2: Draw and label the equipment you used to make your meal. Underneath, write down any safety hazards that might have happened if you hadn’t been safe. An example could be: “We used an oven to cook the potatoes, so we had to be careful not to burn ourselves.”

Challenge 3: Create a poster explaining how to stay safe and hygienic in the kitchen. You can use the PowerPoint to help you.

Challenge 4: Use the internet to find out what the difference is between a Best Before date and a Use By date.

Challenge 5: Have a look at the food in your house and find their Best Before/Use by dates. What kinds of food lasts the longest? What kinds of food do not last as long?

Food and Health PowerPoint


Look at our Zones of Regulation. You may remember that we use these in school to help us talk about our thoughts and feelings.

Working with someone at home, discuss and write down what kinds of situations might lead you to be in each of the zones. For example, I might experience emotions from the yellow zone if I was finding a piece of learning difficult and couldn’t concentrate, or I might experience emotions from the blue or red zones if a friend wouldn’t let me join in with their game.


Once you have finished this, look at the situations you’ve written down for the blue, yellow and red zones. How could you help someone experiencing these emotions back into the green zone? How could you help yourself to do the same? Discuss and note down your ideas.