Year 4 Topic

Week 9

Our new topic is called “On a Journey”. To get yourselves in the mood for this topic, we’d like you to think about a journey you have been on and find an interesting way of presenting it. You might choose to present it as a map, a diary entry, a cartoon strip, a Powerpoint presentation, a story, a video, or anything else that takes your fancy! 

You might also like to consider a few questions to help you come up with some ideas: 

  • Where were you going? 
  • Why were you going there? 
  • How did you get there? 
  • Who was with you? 
  • What did you do on the way? 
  • How did you feel during the journey? 
  • How did you feel when you arrived? 
  • What was your destination like? 

Now it’s time to get creative – good luck! 

Our class reader 

As part of our “On a Journey” topic, we will be reading ‘The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tullane’. To prepare you for our learning next week, we’d like you to read Chapter 1 AND Chapter 2. If you fancy a challenge once you’ve finished, you can draw and label a character profile of the main character, Edward Tullane – what does he look like? What is his personality like? What important thoughts and feelings does he have? 


Following on from your learning on Thomas Edison last week, we’re going to be looking in more detail at his amazing discovery – electricity! Here is a short BBC Bitesize lesson to help introduce the topic: