Year 4 Topic Home Learning

Week 8

This week, we’d like you to research and create an information text on the inventor Thomas Edison. 

To help you understand the features of and be able to structure your information text, you’ll need to look through these Bitesize activities first (but don’t worry about Activities 2 and 3, unless you want to practise your skills in depth, or if you just really fancy finding out more about badgers!) 

Once you’ve worked out how an information text should look and what it should include, it’s time to find your facts! If you’re using the internet to find information, it might be worth completing this Computing lesson on search engines to help you develop your research skills. 

Now you’ve found and noted down your facts, you can start to put it all together! You can present your information text as a poster, a leaflet, or anything else that takes your fancy, provided it uses the features mentioned in the first Bitesize video. 

Good luck!