Year 4 Topic Home Learning

Week 12 – Fantastic website for inventions! 

After last week’s lovely work you did on researching inventors and their inventions, we felt it would be appropriate, if you all had the opportunity to design your own invention.  This can be anything you want and we want you to be as creative as possible!  However, we do also want you to consider how you would make this and maybe even try (if possible) making it. 

This means you need to look at this project just like we would in, Design and Technology.  You need to design it, think of suitable materials, evaluate, discuss if your product is fir for purpose and so on. 

Here are some resources to help you get started and design your invention.  There are also templates for evaluating your product if you need some extra guidance. 

Planning Invention




Evaluation sheet template

Was there an existing invention you discovered that you felt you could do better?  Maybe you want to try and improve it? 

Also, please remember the books posted on Class Dojo last week, as they will also help you with this project. 



Have fun Inventors!  We look forward to seeing your creations!