Year 4 Topic Home Learning

Week 11

A couple of weeks ago, we started investigating the inventor, ‘Thomas Edison’, where you could present your findings in a variety of ways. 

Here are some questions for you to answer!  Let’s see what we have learnt! 

This week we would like you to research other inventors and what they are famous for.  You can do as many as you would like and we would like to see if there are any lesser known inventors, you may feel people should know more about! You can display your learning in any way you would like!  It could be a poster, fact file or simply an information sheet.  Whatever is best for you! 

In case, you are finding it tricky to get started, We will give you the name of another inventor you may wish to research.  Marie Curie.  What did she do? 

We have posted this link on our ClassDojo page, and thought we would share it on here too!  It is a Horrible Histories episode about inventors.  This may give you some inspiration! 

Also, this is another good site for you to explore inventors! 

Have fun and remember to share any lovely learning on your ClassDojo portfolio 🙂