Year 4 Topic Home Learning

Week 10


As part of our topic, “On a Journey”, we’d like you to think about something exceptionally useful when going on a journey – maps! 

Complete the activities using this link – we’d love to see maps of your local area posted to either your Class Dojo portfolios, or our Collaboration Space! 

Also, as part of our topic, don’t forget to continue reading “The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tullane” ( – we’re reading up to Chapter 8 this week. An activity you might like to do if you’re feeling inspired is to consider what Abelline and her family would have packed for the journey they were about to make: the voyage to England. You can either write a list or draw what you think would be in their cases – would Abelline’s case be different from her parents’? Why might they have chosen to pack those items? Which items are more practical and which are more sentimental (to do with memories or feelings)? Note down your ideas. 


Moving on with our learning about electricity, we’d like you to complete the following lessons: 

What are conductors and insulators? 

What is power?