Year 4 Maths Homework

Week 5

Daily Arithmetic

Hi Year 4! These are the Daily Arithmetic quizzes for this week.  For the answers, please just type in the number.  You do not need commas. 

For example: 6700 + 300 = 7000 NOT 7,000 (just for ease)! 

Have fun! 

Daily Arithmetic Monday 

Daily Arithmetic Tuesday 

Daily Arithmetic Wednesday 

Daily Arithmetic Thursday 

Daily Arithmetic Friday 



Math work for this week is about statistics.  All pieces should allow you to edit on the Microsoft Word document, so you do not have to print it off.  There’s a guide to using Word as well, so that you can complete your learning.

We have not covered this yet in Year 4, so please do not worry if you are finding this tricky.  Just try your best! 

How to use Word

Interpret Charts

Comparison, Sum and Difference

Introducing Line Graphs

Statistics Quiz