Year 4 Maths Home Learning

Week 13

Here are your Math’s challenges for this week. For each of the first four lessons you’ll need to watch the video and complete the sheet (the answers are attached too, so don’t worry!). All of this should help you build up the skills you’ll need to help you with the fifth and final lesson – Friday’s Bitesize Math’s Challenge! As for your Daily Arithmetic, you’ll find links to the challenges we’d like you to complete at the bottom of the page. 

White Rose Lessons 

Lesson 1  – Interpret charts 

Video – 

Lesson 1 Questions 

Lesson 1 Answers

Lesson 2 – Comparison, sum and difference 

Video – 

Lesson 2 Questions

Lesson 2 Answers  

Lesson 3 – Introducing line graphs 

Video – 

Lesson 3 Questions

 Lesson 3 Answers

Lesson 4 – Line graphs 

Video – 

Lesson 4 Questions

 Lesson 4 Answers

Lesson 5 –  On Bitesize we would like you to look at these links this week: 

BBC Bitesize 

On BBC Bitesize, there are links to other websites for activity sheets.  They should let you download them, but if there are any problems or they do not work, just contact your class teacher and they will get them for you 😊 

Daily Arithmetic 

This week we would like you to revise these techniques from last week, as some of you found this particularly challenging. 

Multiply a 2-digit number by a 1-digit number 

Multiply a 3-digit number by a 1-digit number  

Times Table Focus Week 

After this quick revision, we would like you to focus on your times tables and becoming as confident as possible, up until your 12 times table.  We do not mind the method you use to practice these,  however there are some resources provided in case you would like to use them. 












This is also a lovely link to videos by BBC Teach, that take you through each times table. 


As always, we’d love you to keep practising your times tables skills using your TTRS account, so do keep up with that whenever you can! 

Also, remember you can play, ‘Hit the Button’ for extra times table practice! 

Keep up all your hard work Year 4!  You are doing so well!