Year 4 English Homework

Week 5


This week, we would like you to use what you have learned about creating a fact file to develop your own fact file on Ancient Egyptian life.

You might choose to include sections on…

*What they ate

*What they wore

*The language they spoke (or wrote in)

*What jobs they did

*What their houses were like

*The differences between rich and poor families

*What religious beliefs they had

*How they worshipped their gods

*What being an Ancient Egyptian child was like

*What happened when they got ill

*What happened when they died … and any other interesting information you can find.

Think about what a successful fact file needs (look at your learning from last week to help you) and get researching!

You may present your work as a poster, a leaflet or a piece of writing – whichever way you think your fact file will look best!


Text – Letting in Light

Questions – Letting in Light

Answers – Letting in Light


Please use this link to practise your spelling.  It is a great website with links to the National Curriculum Year 4 expectations. 

Spelling Frame website