Year 4 English

Week 7


Here is a link to the learning we’d like you to complete for Writing this week. Take one section from the page for each day and work your way through the activities. When you finish these, your job is to finish the story written in the “Story Starter” box. We’d love to see some of your ideas in our collaboration space. 


Here is a link to the learning we’d like you to complete for Guided Reading this week. There are two videos and a series of activities to complete, which should help you to develop your understanding of characters in a narrative.

As always, wherever you can find anything else to read, we’d love you to keep up your reading at home. Have you read any good books lately? Recommend them to your class on our Collaboration Space or on Class Dojo. 

Spelling and Grammar

Please use this link to practise your spelling.  It is a great website with links to the National Curriculum Year 4 expectations. 

Spelling Frame Website 

Here is a series of activities we would like you to complete to help you develop the way you structure sentences, looking at fronted adverbials and coordinating conjunctions: 

Fronted adverbials: 

Coordinating conjunctions: