Year 4 English Home Learning

Week 11


Lesson 1: To help you get some inspiration for this week, we’d like you to read from Chapter 8 up to Chapter 15 of “The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane”.  If you have not read the previous chapters yet, do not panic, you can still read them! ( – STOP READING WHEN YOU GET TO CHAPTER 15! 

To help you recall the key events in these chapters, you can either note down or draw a story map of the main events once you’ve finished reading (just like you did last week). 

Story Flashback Templates

Lesson 2 and 3: As we are focusing on how we can use a dictionary and thesaurus to up-level our writing, we would like you to take the sentences you have used to note key events or create your story board and make them even better! 

For example: Edward Tulane is made out of china. 

Now let’s up-level our writing: The precious, dove white rabbit, delicately comprised of china, stood still.  Still as a forgotten statue. 

Lesson 4 and 5: We know some of you may find this a challenge or be asking, what other things can I do to expand my writing?  So we have provided lots of different sheets to help you look at areas you may want to work on.  Please use a dictionary and thesaurus if you have one.  This will help you expand your vocabulary.  Or ask a family member if  they can help you. 

UKS2 Uplevelling Sentences Activity Sheets – Family Love

UKS2 Uplevelling Sentences Activity Sheets – Tiny Turtle’s Huge Journey

Up-levelling sentences worksheets

UKS2 Uplevelling Sentences Activity Sheets – Stalking Its Prey

UKS2 Uplevelling Sentences Activity Sheets – Living in Technicolour

How did you find these tasks?  

Looking back at your original sentences from Lesson 1, do you think there are any other ways you could have improved your writing? 

Maybe you would like to write them out again, considering what you now know.  We would love  to see your final sentences or paragraphs on ClassDojo! 

If there are  any areas of the activities you cannot really remember doing in Year 4, please let your Teacher know, and they can provide extra guidance! 

If you can print these out, you may want to put them up whilst doing your learning at home.  Or you may want to refer to these posters for some help 😊 

Display Posters

Happy writing Year 4!


For Reading this week, we would like you to focus on: 

Already, some of you have discussed other books by this fabulous author, so hopefully you will equally enjoy this one! 

Please follow this link to the BBC bitesize website, where you can complete a variety of activities and watch some videos. 

If you finish this learning and would like to continue reading our topic book, ‘The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane’, please feel free! Last week, we asked you to read no further than chapter 8, so if you continue from here up until chapter 15 that would be great! 

This link provides an online version of the book. 

As always, we wholeheartedly encourage you to read whatever you can, whenever you can, alongside this. If you’ve read something you particularly enjoyed, why not recommend it on Class Dojo or in our Collaboration space? 


Happy Reading Year 4! 

Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar

Please use this link to practise your spelling.  It is a great website with links to the National Curriculum Year 4 expectations.  And remember, always go back and revisit spellings, even if you think you know them! 

Spelling Frame website 

This week, we would like you to focus on using a dictionary and thesaurus, both great resources for expanding our vocabulary and making sure we are constantly trying to improve our own writing. 

Using a dictionary: 

Using a thesaurus: 

Once you’ve completed these activities, try up-levelling sentences from  our class reader, ‘The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane’.  You may want to re-write the sentences completely from scratch. 

Are there any new words you have learnt and would like to share on ClassDojo?