Year 3 Topic Home Learning

Week 13


As part of our science learning we are moving on to learn about flowers and plants.    

  1. What is a plant? Are you able to name all of its parts?   

As a challenge you could draw and label a plant and its different parts. Can you explain what each part does?   

  1. What does a plant need to live? 

  You could create a guide explaining how to look after plants!   

  1. Why bees are attracted to flowers?   

Could you create a poster explaining the role of bees? Perhaps you could create a job advert for a bee! What does the bee need to do in order to do its job well?   

If you would like to research more on this topic, you could find out about different types of plants, flowers and bees. 




We are going to be learning about how to use family member’s names in French and also about different kinds of hobbies.   

Can you make a word mat of the different new words you have learned?