Year 3 Topic Home Learning

Year 3


This week for topic, we are focusing on forces in science.  Below is a presentation which introduces you to the idea of forces, thinking of it in terms of pushes and pulls. 

Forces presentation – pushes and pulls

Challenge one: 

Draw examples of pushes and pulls, explaining whether the force is a push or a pull. 

Challenge two: 

Can you explain the difference between pushes and pulls and what we mean by the term ‘forces’. 


As well as learning about forces in science, we would also like you to continue to explore famous artists.  This week, we are learning about Vincent van Gogh.  Like Andy Goldsworthy, van Gogh also thought about interesting ways he could use colour to create pieces of art.  Below is a presentation that you can use to learn about artist as well as his style of art. 

Vincent van Gogh presentation


Van Gogh chose to draw and paint both himself and others, so we would like you to create a self-portrait or draw another person in your household. 

To extend this challenge further, you could try and draw in the style of van Gogh, which was Post-Impressionism.