Year 3 Topic

Week 9


This week’s focus is on Art.  

We would like you to learn about Andy Goldsworthy by watching this video… 

Then finding out more using the PowerPoint on this link:  

What do you notice about the pictures? 

What natural materials can you spot? 

How do they make you feel? 

How has the artist used colour? 

The tasks are: 

-Complete a factfile or poster about Andy Goldsworthy 

-Create your own art or pattern in the style of Andy Goldsworthy using natural materials you can find in your garden/on walks. Make sure you are with an adult to do this.  

-Evaluate your work. What do you like about it? Is there anything you would change? Why/why not? 


This week’s geography lesson looks at developing your understanding of weather and climate.  It introduces you to the differences in weather in the UK and around the world.     

Can you do the activities? If not make a poster as to what is climate and how it is changing. Use the internet to discover more about greenhouse gases and what it is doing to the planet.  A good place to start is –