Year 3 Topic Home Learning

Week 14


As part of our Science topic we are continuing our learning about flowers and plants.     

Last week we focused on these areas:  

  1. What is a plant? Are you able to name all of its parts?
  2. What does a plant need to live?
  3. Why bees are attracted to flowers?

This week we are going to focus on:   

  1. Requirements for plant growth 

  1. Why plants are important.

  1. What are fertilisers?   

Could you create a persuasive poster or leaflet explaining to people why plants are important and why we should look after them?

You could include tips on how to look after them. 




Last week we learnt how to use family member names in French and also how to talk about different kinds of hobbies. 

Can you test yourself to see how well you remember the different words and phrases?   

This video is based on using greetings in French.–ks2-mfl-french-greetings-with-ben-shires/zdpdvk7 

As a challenge, you could create a storyboard of characters speaking using French phrases. Maybe you could label them with their family member names too.