Year 3 Topic Home Learning

Week 12


As part of our science learning we would like you to carry on with your learning on Forces.   

You watched the video on this link for our learning last week but you may choose to watch it again to refresh your memory on friction and resistance.   

This week we would like you to focus on gravity.  

  • What do you think gravity is?
  • What does it do?  

Afterwards, have a look at the PowerPoint and have a go at the quiz.  


Can you do some research about gravity? Perhaps you could create a ‘true or false’ statement poster to show your new knowledge about gravity. 

Apple Gravity


Last week we started our learning on volcanoes.  

Have a look at the ‘All about volcanoes’ powerpoint and have a go at answering these questions:   

  • How did volcanoes get their name? 
  • How are they formed? 
  • Why do they erupt?   

You can also have a look at the powerpoint on ‘The World’s Most Dangerous Volcanoes.’ 

Can you create a fact file about them? 

All About Volcanoes

The World’s Most Dangerous Volcanoes