As part of our science learning we would like you to carry on with your learning on forces.   

This link will provide some helpful information on ‘friction’ and also ‘ resistance’.   

After watching the videos, have a go at the quizzes to test your new knowledge.    

Can you define what friction is? Can you define what resistance is? 

Can you write any examples of when these types of forces take place?   

You could create a poster explaining what these 2 terms mean with examples.     

If possible, have a go at this mini investigation :   

Use several materials (such as paper, a piece of clothing, laminate flooring, carpet…) and predict which one will be the best and worst at rolling a ball/marble/pencil. Explain why you think so.   

Choose an object (such as a ball, marble, pencil etc) and roll it across each surface. Which object seemed to roll the easiest and which object struggled to get very far?    

Can you use your new knowledge on friction to explain why some surfaces are better at allowing objects to travel further on them than others?   


This week we are focusing on volcanoes. Using this link, watch the videos and complete the activities to test your understanding.    

Afterwards, you could research famous volcanoes.