Year 3 Maths Homework

Week 5

Daily Arithmetic

Here are the daily arithmetics for this week.  They are a mix of mental strategy revision with some fraction calculations.   

Daily Arithmetic – Monday

Daily Arithmetic Tuesday

Daily Arithmetic Wednesday

Daily Arithmetic Thursday

Daily Arithmetic Friday

WALT: write tenths as fractions and decimals. 

For our main maths this week, we are focusing on tenths.  Start off by looking at the PowerPoint below to revise tenths as a fraction then complete the quiz after.  

Tenths PowerPoint

Tenths Quiz

The next stage is to look at writing tenths as both a fraction and a decimal.  The video below explains the how to do this as well as how to count up and down in tenths.  Once you have watched the video complete the quiz underneath. 

Count up and down in tenths – video

Tenths written as fractions and decimals quiz

This is an interesting challenge to have a go at if you would like to extend your understanding of fractions.  It is tricky so it might take a while to solve.  Think carefully about how many times each triangle fits into the whole square to work out their fractions. 

Enjoy your week of learning everyone!