Year 3 Maths Home Learning

Week 8

We hope you have been finding the weekly maths challenges on Bitesize enjoyable and challenging so far.  Below is a link to the next set of problem solving questions you can have a go at.  Remember, they go in order of difficulty. 

This week, for our main learning, we are revising fractions as it is such an important part of maths.  The two lessons below remind you about unit and non-unit fractions and the second link is about tenths. 

If you would like to practise recognising fractions further, there is a really good interactive tool you can use from the Topmarks website: 

Remember, as well as carrying out these lessons, it’s important to keep practising your times tables.  There are a number of ways you could do this, from using the Times Tables Rock Stars website to writing them out and saying them aloud.

As always, you can share all of your learning on ClassDojo, OneNote or as an email.