Year 3 Maths Home Learning

Week 13

The link below will take you to our weekly maths challenges on Bitesize:   

For our learning in this area this week we are moving on from shape and on to angles.   

This video should help explain what angles are. 

Can you create a poster with some examples to show: 

-what an acute angle is,

-what an obtuse angle is,

-what a right angle is.  

What angles can you spot in objects around the house? For example: television,  pillow…   

Using the worksheet, can you identify which angles are greater or less than a right angle? You don’t need to print it out, you can discuss your answers with a grown-up or have a go at drawing each angle with a ruler.    

For an extra challenge, can you have a go at answering the questions on the ‘Is it a right angle?’ Again you don’t have to print the sheet, you can discuss your answers or have a go at writing them down.    

Our final challenge is the ‘right angle shape sorter’ activity. The worksheet says to cut out the shapes and place them in the right column as to how many right angles each shape has. You can do this or you can discuss your answers/write them down separately.

Greater than or less than a right angle activity sheet

Right Angles Activity Sheet

Right Angles Shape Sorting Activity