Year 3 Maths Home Learning

Week 11

The link below will take you to our weekly Maths challenges on Bitesize:   

For our learning in this area this week we are continuing with 2D shapes. Last week you should have become more familiar with identifying 2D shapes and some of the vocabulary used to name and describe them. This week we would like you to use this vocabulary to compare 2D shapes.    

Challenge 1:    

Count the different sides and vertices of various 2D shapes. 

Challenge 2:   

Compare sides and vertices of various 2D shapes 

Try and see how many you can answer correctly before a certain time. Can you beat your high score?    

Challenge 3:  

Have a go at creating some riddles to describe 2D shapes. Can you ask a family member to try and guess them? Try and pick some tricky shapes!   

Use this link to help you pick some shapes.