Year 3 English

Week 9

Writing and Reading   

The theme for your writing this week is ‘Lost.’ 

We would like you to focus on the ‘sick sentences’ but it would be great if you had a go at ‘picture perfect’ and perhaps used the ‘story starter’ to write what you think happens next.   

For your reading work this week, can you have a go at the ‘Question Time’ section on this page? 

Similes and Metaphors

This week, we are focusing on learning more about similes and metaphorsThese are used in writing, so it is important to know how to use them.  The link to the lesson is below. 

Handwriting and Spelling

We would also like you to continue to practise your handwriting.  Below are a list of spellings focusing on the –ly suffix to turn words into adverbs.   

You could extend your learning by trying to use these words within sentences.    

You can share all of your learning on OneNote, ClassDojo or as an email.