Year 3 English

Week 7


This week we are looking at a fantastic picture inspired by the Harry Potter books.  As with the previous week, you can do all or some of the activities.  However, we would really like you to look at the ‘Sick sentences’ section if possible as this would really help you to think carefully about what you can do to improve sentences in order to make them more interesting.   

Sick sentences! 

These sentences are ‘sick’ and need help to get better. Can you help? 

Professor Snape stood in the forest. It was dark. He waved his wand. A bright light came from it. 

The link to all of the activities and the picture is below: 

Have fun writing about this picture and remember you can share your learning on OneNote, ClassDojo or email. 


Below is a link to a reading lesson on extracts from ‘Dindy and the Elephant’ by Elizabeth Laird.  At the bottom of the page are three different activities you could have a go at. 

As well as this reading lesson, make sure you are reading as much as possible.   

You can share all of your learning on OneNote, ClassDojo or as an email.  We would love to hear which books you are reading at home as well. 

Punctuation and Handwriting

Last week you looked at using apostrophes to join words together, this week we are looking at using apostrophes for possession.  Below is a link to the lesson focusing on this learning. 

If you are unable to access the activities suggested, have a go at writing your own sentences which show your understanding. 

In addition to learning about apostrophes, we would also like you to keep practising your handwriting and spellings.  Below are a list of spellings focusing on the short ‘i’ sound using the letter ‘y’. 

You could extend your learning by trying to use these words within sentences.