Year 3 English Home Learning

Week 14


Our focus on writing this week is ‘The Mysterious Door’ 

We would like you to focus on the sick sentences but it would be great if you could have a go at all the challenges. 


This week we would like you to focus on legends, in particular that of Robin Hood.  

This link contains a helpful video and some activities to apply your knowledge.    

As a challenge, could you rewrite the legend of Robin Hood? Perhaps you could set it out like a storyboard or a comic strip.   

Have a listen to Kate Humble read extracts from a book and answer the questions on how to summarise information in a text. 


Spelling, Grammar and Handwriting


For our last week of the year we are going to be revising word types. The following BBC Bitesize page explains what different word types are and gives you an opportunity to practise your understanding. 

Some support for you to practice with – 

Word classes

Word class practice

Word class answers

Colour by word class

In addition to this, we would also like you to continue practising your handwriting skills with your spellings this week, using words with short /i/ sound spelt with ‘y’. 

Use the PowerPoint to help understanding and have some fun with a word search and use the Look, Say, Cover & Write and don’t forget to use scribble spellings to help you learn your spellings. 


Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check Sheet

Word Search