Year 3 English Home Learning

Week 12


Our focus on writing this week is ‘Number 28’ 

We would like you to focus on the sick sentences but it would be great if you could have a go at all the challenges. 


This week we would like you to focus on how instruction manuals are used.   

This link contains a helpful video and some activities to apply your knowledge.    

As a challenge, can you think of when you and your family have used instruction manuals? 

You could create your own example of an instruction manual for how to play a game of your choice. 

Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar

This week, we are looking at how to use possessive apostrophes.  The following BBC Bitesize page explains what possessive apostrophes are and gives you an opportunity to practise your understanding.  

Use the PowerPoint for extra help.  

If you are unable to carry out the suggested activities, try to use the worksheets below.  

Possessive Apostrophes Worksheet 1


In addition to this, we would also like you to continue practising your handwriting skills with your spellings this week, adverbs using the suffix –ly.  

Challenge: Can you use any of them in a sentence?  

Just for fun: try this word search , or why not do a scribble spelling. 

Word search

<<Word search.docx>>