Year 3 English Home Learning

Week 10


This week, we are using this picture as inspiration.  The link below takes you to the page on Pobble 365, which will show you all of the different activities you could do.  However, we would also like you to focus on the ‘Sick Sentences’ and show off your writing skills, using interesting adjectives and adverbs to engage the reader. 

Sick sentences! 

These sentences are ‘sick’ and need help to get better. Can you help? 

It was a cloudy day. The balloon went up into the sky. The crew were scared. The crew were excited. Lots of people were cheering them on. 

If you would like to extend your learning further at home, could you create a story that is inspired by this picture?  Maybe you could think of an adventure some of the people in the hot air balloons could go on. 


This week, we are focusing on developing our inference skills. Inference is when you come with an idea about what you’ve read or seen based on evidence.   Using your inference skills requires you to look at the clues in stories to help you to understand further. 

In the link below, there is a helpful video that explains what inference is then there are opportunities to practise your skills in the activities towards the bottom of the page. 

As always, we would like you to continue to read as often as possible at home as well. 


This week, we are developing our understanding of synonyms and antonyms.  The following BBC Bitesize page explains what the two terms means and gives you an opportunity to practise your understanding. 

If you are unable to carry out the suggested activities, can you think of as many different synonyms for the words below as possible? 

  • Happy 
  • Sad 
  • Angry 
  • scared  

Handwriting and Spellings