Trauma Informed Approach and Behaviour Support

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” Maya Angelou

At Lionwood we know that no child learns without feeling safe and cared for. It is vital to us that children know that we value, respect and like them as individuals.  We know they have a right to learn and play in a safe and kind environment and every and the way we ensure this is by taking time to build a positive relationship with every child.  Some children come to us having suffered trauma and we know that every family has tough times at some point.  For this reason we use a Trauma-Informed approach that is based on protecting each child, relating positively, teaching them how to regulate their negative feelings and developing in them an ability to reflect on their feeling and actions.  All staff are trained in this approach.

More information about this approach can be found in our Relationship Policy:

LJS Relationship Policy 2023-2024

We have a highly skilled Pastoral Team who will support children whose distressed behaviour becomes disruptive.
This Pastoral Team is made up of 
Head of School – Faye Herron
Deputy Head – Sian Stalley
Pastoral Lead – Kerry Didwell
Pastoral Worker – Linda Jones

The Head of School and Pastoral Lead have completed the 10 day Diploma in Trauma and Mental Health Informed Schools.

They are also supported by our Safeguarding and Attendance Lead – Trudy Sargeant and Parent Support Advisor – Glenda Prior – who have extensive training in Mental health, Trauma, Neglect and Safeguarding.

This approach ensures that are school is a kind and warm place to be and children feel liked, cared for and valued.  We ensure that any disruptive or unsafe behaviour is tackled straight away so that all children can learn.  

More information can be found in our Behaviour. Anti-bullying, Mental Health and Wellbeing and related Safeguarding policies:
LJS Behaviour Policy 2023-2024

Anti-Bullying Policy 2022-23

LJS Mental Health and Emotional Wellbeing – Pupils, staff and parents September 2022

Managing Sexual Violence and Sexual Harassment between Children Policy September 2022

LJS Safeguarding Policy 2022-23

Children’s safety and wellbeing is paramount so parents should not hesitate to contact the school as soon as possible with any concerns.  The sooner we know, the sooner we can deal with any problems.