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Senior Leadership Team  
CEO Mrs Selene Sawyer
Interim Head Teacher Ms Maria Cornish
Deputy Head Miss Faye Herron
Assistant Head
Mrs Becky Stolworthy
SENCO Miss Lucy Finnie
School Administrator Mrs Tonya Newton
Finance Officer Mrs Tara Collinson
Teaching Staff  
Year 3 (3H) Miss Hannah Hunt
Year 3 (3BK) Miss Jenna Barnes and Mrs Polly Kemp
Year 3 (3W) Mr Mark Whiting
Year 4 (4A) Mrs Sarah Arnold
Year 4 (4S) Miss Michaela Stevens
Year 4 (4H) Miss Phoebe Harding
Year 5 (5H) Mr Alex Henderson
Year 5 (5R) Miss Lydia Read
Year 5 (5S) Ms Claire Stroud
Year 6 (6S) Miss Sian Stalley
Year 6 (6R) Mr Mark Reeve
Year 6 (6W) Miss Emma Warminger
Teaching Assistants Mrs Catherine Barnes
Mrs Becky Gale
Mr Alexander Bland
Miss Freya Woods
Mrs Sara Bolton
Mrs Janice Page
Mrs Linda Jones
Mrs Julie Hill
Miss Emma Sheen
Mr Ryan Brown
Mr Daniel Horsfield
Mrs Dawn Aldis
Mr James Harpham
Miss Ellie Jackson
Mrs Elke Rose
Miss Claire Reiderman
Mrs Jo Larter
Miss Suzie Russell
Mrs Alexandra Tsanktsidou
Mr James Green
Mrs Laura Trinder
Parent Support Advisor Mrs Gillian Sanderson
Pastoral Designated Safeguarding Lead Mrs Trudy Sargeant
Pastoral Support Workers Ms Kerry Didwell
Caretaker Mrs Sharon Barber
  Ms Amanda Skedge
Midday Supervisors (MSA’s) Mr Adam Goodman
Sally Hoyles
Cleaning Staff Ms Dawn Webb
Mrs Adele Eaglen
Ms Denise Leeder
   Miss Sacha McFarland
Kitchen Staff Mr Leroy Whittle
Ms Karen Horner
Miss Joanne Elliott
Mrs Debbie Hollamby
Breakfast Club Staff Mrs Gillian Sanderson
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