Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) at Lionwood Junior School

The staff at Lionwood Junior School are committed to ensuring that we do everything we can to meet the range of SEND need of our children  and know that our community is enhanced by this diversity of contribution.  We ensure that all pupils in our school are equally valued by having equal access to a broad and balanced curriculum which is differentiated to meet individual needs and abilities.  We work closely with parents and professionals to identify any barriers to learning and put in intervetionsa nd adjustments to meet support children to meet their potential.


  • Effective management systems and procedures for SEND, taking into account the current Code of Practice(2015). 

  • Successful communication between teachers, children with SEND, parents of SEND children, intervention group leaders and outside agencies. 

  • Acknowledgement of and respect for parents’ knowledge and expertise in relation to their own child. 

  • A Conferencing approach, where children are encouraged to take an increasingly active role in their review cycle,in line with their readiness to do so.

  • Development of our successful cluster work with the North Norwich Cluster to develop provision and practice.

  • Commitment to developing the knowledge and skills of all staff to manage the challenges of the range of needs in the school, and to ensure that all support is of high quality.

  • Effective review cycle that allows us to monitor, review and plan for next steps of development.

  • Consideration that the needs of Pupils with SEND crosses all curriculum areas and all aspects of teaching and learning

We have an experience and highly trained team that coordinate support for all children with SEND:

Faye Herron – Head of School and SENDCO, TISUK trained
Sian Stalley – Deputy Head and Assistant SENDCO
Sarah Arnold – Assistant SENDCO
Kerry Didwell – Pastoral Lead, Mental Health Champion, TISUK trained, ELSA trained
Lydia Eade – SEN and After School Club lead (on Maternity Leave)
Glenda Prior – Parent Support Advisor
Trudy Sargeant – Safeguarding and Attendance Lead, Mental Health Lead TISUK trained , Neglect Champion
Linda Jones – Pastoral Worker, Elsa trained

We employ the services of a range of SEND professionals including:
Speech Therapists, Educational and Clinical Psychologists, Occupational Therapists and Sensory Support workers, Mental Health workers.

Our SENCOs will support parents in seeking help from Medical professionals including Paediatricians, ASD and ADHD specialists.  We have successfully secured EHCP’s for children and supported applications for places at specialist provision.

Here are the documents outlining our support for children with SEND:
LJS Special Educational Needs and Disability Policy 2022-23

Welcome to our Accessibility Plans

Norfolk SEN Local Offer

If you have any concerns about your child’s progress at school or their wellbeing – please do not hesitate to contact Miss Herron or Miss Stalley on (01603) 433014 or email: officeljs@istnorfolk.co.uk