Parent/School Agreement

At Lionwood Junior, we recognise that parents are the ‘first educators’ of their children and as such, we have hugely value their input in to their school education.  

We aim to communicate well with parents so that we can form a partnership for the benefit of the children.  To this end we communicate through newsletters, emails, phone calls and face to face meetings.  

If there are problems of any kind we want to start to resolve these as quickly as possible through frank and respectful discussion.  We will always listen to all points of view, apologise if we have made mistakes and change our policies and procedures where necessary.

We ask that any parent who is unhappy about the way something is happening in school contacts the classteacher or member of the Senior Leadership Team as soon as possible, who will respond at the very earliest opportunity (in most cases the same day).  

We do expect that Parents are respectful to staff and follow the Parent Code of Conduct below:

Parent Code of Conduct Policy 2023-2024 (1)

Parent Code of Conduct Agreement Form

LJS Home School Agreement 2023-2024