Our Favourite Websites

Here are some sites that we think are interesting and engaging.

Please ensure that you are monitoring your children during all internet activity to ensure their safety.



BBC Home Learning Website
This site has been launched for children during their time at home during the COVID 19 outbreak.  It has a great variety of activities, videos and lessons by a variety of well known people.

Horrible Histories
The BBC History series that uses comedy to impact factual information on a wide range of history topics.
CBBC Horrible Histories

Home School History
A BBC Radio 4 programme created by Greg Jenner from Horrible Histories.
BBC Radio 4 History lessons

Joe Wicks’ PE Lessons
The very popular Body Coach does daily PE lessons for children in their homes.
Joe Wicks – PE Lessons

Mommy Poppins
An American Site that has thousands ideas for things to do at home with children including Science Experiments
MommyPoppins – Activities to do at home

Out of the Ark Music
A music site with lots of songs to learn at home.
Out of the Ark Music

British Library
Some great book-based activities from the British Library