Mr Reeve's Maths

Week 5

Daily Arithmetic

Hi All, 

There are no answers for DA this week. There are lots of variations in how you present your answers so I will mark them that evening to avoid’ wrong’ answers when you have actually got them right!

Daily Arithmetic Monday 04.05.20

Daily Arithmetic Tuesday 05.05.20

Daily Arithmetic Wednesday 06.05.20

Daily Arithmetic Thursday 07.05.20

Daily Arithmetic Friday 08.05.20



Have a go at the Ratio questions, there are some really tricky questions as the week goes on.  

I thought I would try some problem solving on Friday. Please share ideas or ask questions on the help area in the collaboration space on OneNote.

I look forward to seeing what you get done .

Percentages and Ratio 1 – Youtube

Percentages and Ratio 2 – Youtube

Monday Ratio 4th May

Tuesday Ratio 5th May

Wednesday 6th May

Thursday 7th May

Wednesday and Thursday Answers

Problem Solving Friday