The Teaching of Mathematics at Lionwood Junior School 

At Lionwood Junior School, our aim is to inspire an enjoyment for mathematics and enable the children to leave as confident, skilled and resilient mathematicians, who understand that maths is a fundamental part of everyday life. Our vision is to ensure that children gain this understanding through a broad, engaging and challenging curriculum.

To enable them to learn and make progress in mathematics, the children will be provided with a rich mixture of language, representations and experiences which allow them to form their own relational understanding of the subject. 

Key features of our maths curriculum:

  • Emphasis on understanding vocabulary.
  • Secure understanding of calculation methods.
  • Confidently and fluently use key knowledge.
  • Applying understanding through problem solving.
  • Developing children’s thinking through reasoning.

By the end of their journey in Lionwood Junior School, the children will leave confident and enthusiastic mathematicians.

LJS Parent Maths Calculation Guide
A Guide to Learning the Times Tables

Here is the Mathematics Curriculum for each Year Group:
Year 3 Lionwood PoS Updated 2022

Year 4 Lionwood PoS Updated 2022

Year 5 Lionwood PoS Updated 2022

Year 6 Lionwood PoS Updated 2022