The Teaching of Mathematics at Lionwood Junior School

At Lionwood children are provided with a rich mixture of language, representations and experiences to enable them to form their own relational understanding of the subject. In order to develop a relational understanding of the mathematics that they are using in lessons, children have a series of internal representations that they can draw on to help them construct their own conceptual understanding of the concept. This conceptual understanding is made by the forming of many connections between mental representations which in turn are made when the child reasons about the resource that they are using. It is important to remember that there isn’t any maths in a resource; the maths is brought to the resource by the teacher and the child interacting with it.  Maths is a subject that can be made sense of, not a series of procedures that is to be memorised.

Please see our Calculations Policy and Programmes of Study below for further information.

Calculation Policy

IST Calculations Policy Sept 2019
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Programme of Study

Year 3 Program of study
Year 4 Program of study
Year 5 Program of study
Year 6 Program of study 

Mathematics Policy Sept 2019