Internet Safety – Information for Parents

At Lionwood, we appreciate the enormous benefit to our children and the wider world of internet access.  We know that being able to ‘virtually’ visit places, hear stories, access information and communicate with people  at the click of a button has huge benefits in terms of knowledge, understanding and wellbeing.  We want our children to be able to make th emost of their time online, supporting their learning, not just in school but throughout their life.
However, we also know that the internet has many challenges in terms of safety for our young people.  We are acutely aware of the way that social media and other internet use, while providing vital lines of communication and sources of information (particularly during these times of COVID restrictions), can also lead to safety concerns such as possibility of grooming, cyber bullying, sharing private videos and exposure to unsuitable content such as violent or sexually explicit material.
At Lionwood we have a thorough programme of e-safety teaching across the whole school that runs alongside our PSHE programme.
To support this we have put a few links and resources for parents to use with their children or to increase their knowledge in this area.

Internet Matters – a resource for parents with leaflets and information films:
Internet Matters

ThinkUKnow – is an internet safety awareness site that has games designed for children to teach them how to stay safe:
UK Safer Internet Centre is a site with information, helpline and advice centre:
UK Safer Internet Centre

If you have any concern or worries about how your child is accessing the internet – please contact the school and we will work together to keep your child safe online.